Developer are sociable!

Many people think software developers are reclusive creatures the only hacking code. Mostly or sometimes this that true, but in bigger software projects is that a fatal error. In my opinion communicates a developer more as a baker or bricklayer.
The daily routine from a developer In my opinion is as follows:

Photographer: Dennis Stachel for GDC Europe

  • 40% communication
  • 20% continuing education
  • 20% testing
  • 20% programming

Mostly, software development starts with new requirements from client or product department. New features should be exact described and least coordinated. Accurate listing and repeating is here adjudicated, so that the result is perfect.

It should a daily information sharing happened between developers in team.

  • Who is working on what?
  • Which problems are unresolved?
  • How was the solution of the problem?
  • Where can you find which information?

But also outside of working time should a developer activ, visiting user groups, reading blogs and meet old colleagues.

After developing it is necessary to document all stuff understandable. Goes new features online or will released must be communicated this to administrator and clients. If errors occur must developer fix this, they usually have to come in contact with the customer.

Until a new feature is completed will take some time and in this time communicating developer very much.
And now to say, a software developers are reclusive creatures, is wrong!

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