Hackathon at kaufDA

At kaufDA P&D we are regularly organizing a full-day-and-night hackathon with a presentation and award prizes during the following day. Our last hackathon was in july and we had really crazy projects, e. g.:

  • Love Launcher – USB Missile Launcher with Camera, Webinterface & Remote Controll via Android App
  • Aperture Portal – to watch in the other offices in Moscow, Barcelona or São Paulo
  • Monitoring Dashboard – All relevant KPIs from the company
  • Kanban Task Scanner – Scan your task via QR-Code for time logging & status

Next thursday we have our next hackathon and all developers and product manager are full of anticipation. Each project have a budget of 50€, the whole day we can order pizza and of course free drinks and beer from the company fridges. For successful result we have some rules:

All projects should meet the following requirements:

  • you should be able to finalize or show great progress on the project after one day
  • the product should be something we can use in the office or in our public products
Each team must have:
  • at least three members
  • not more than one product manager
Hackathon KaufDA july 2012 all teams

Hackathon KaufDA july 2012 all teams


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