This is the rhythm of my life

Yesterday evening somebody ask me if I’m happy that the weekend will start, I said: “There is no weekend or weeks for me, there are still existing only bad days. But the most days are fun and there including lot of action, new¬†experiences and crazy challenges.”

For example last monday was a bad day, he starts with a delay in public network, crazy todos and bad feeling of my person. The trick was going to bed in the evening say: “Fuck day, but tomorrow will be awesome! Tsjakkaa!“. And of cause the tuesday was more than awesome! Currently, I’m hop from day to day: meet friends & family and solve todos. The rhythm of my life is looking back to the last days/weeks and seeing the success and the new experience that I made, similarly to a concert tour of a music band. In my opinion the song of the german rapper Kool Savas “Rhythmus meines Lebens”¬†describes this in some parts really good.

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