My second USA trip

Three weeks ago I decided really spontaneous to visit the United States. This was a good decision, I had time to come down, find myself and got new impressions. My mother¬†taught me in my childhood: “Be prepared for your holidays.”, after some trips I could say this is bullshit. You need only 2 things: passport and a credit card, everything else you could buy. (notice: for the US you need a ESTA)

Also this times I was flying with Lufthansa. I booked the flight 7 days before, I expected a higher price but in comparison to 3 month before it was really similar. The highlight was flying with the Airbus A380, I had a place with freedom for my legs similar to business class but I booked economy (emergency exit). San Francisco was me familiar from last year. The weather was awesome, I had only sunny weather and mostly more then 24 degrees Celsius. I can highly recommend everybody to make a bike tour from San Francisco to Sausalito. Also this time a met cool people and attended meetups. I was impressed by growing of some startups that I visited last year. For example: from a small to a big office with roof-deck, to reaching titles (“Best Places to Work in the Bay Area”) or to met the first employees of new startup. This time I visited Palo Alto, Stanford and the Google Campus. Most impressed me that more then 4 guys building a startup and living in a small apartment 2 blocks away from the Palo Alto Apple Store or 10gen office.

New York is a big city and if you compare it with Berlin, then Berlin is a small village. The streets are endless, the central park is a green beautiful place, everywhere are yellow cubs, and the high skyscraper are prodigious, but Manhattan is full of tourist and polices officer.

Here some pictures:

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